Parallel optimization
Parallel optimization
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Parallel optimization in details

Master processor carries out operation of the main IOSO unit. This unit is called data analysis and moving strategy unit. Within the frameworks of the given unit, analysis of stored information is performed for the variables, constraints, and optimization criteria. The neighborhood of the current solution is selected, the promising areas for further search are determined, and formulation of the sequence of the next operations is performed. Three possible actions could be performed in the end of the current iteration:

I) Optimization process termination. This is performed by the stop-criterion activation when working in automatic operation mode, or if a researcher terminates the process when working in an interactive operation mode.

II) Experiment design generation. This involves generation of a set of points in the initial search area (at the initial stage of optimization), or in a promising sub-region of the search area. Then, for this set of points, both the optimization criteria calculations and parallel constraints calculations are performed by slave processors. The obtained information is transmitted back to the unit of data analysis and moving strategy and the next iteration is started.

III) The most probable action is a synthesis of the response surface functions for optimization criteria and constraints. These functions differ in both structure and search area. The synthesis is performed with the help of slave processors.



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