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About us


  Egorov I.N.
Academician of Russian
 Space Academy of Sciences.
President of
Sigma Technology


For more than 25 years we have developed and implemented highly efficient methods of improving complex technical systems...

We started assuming that the existence of mathematical models (no matter how complete and accurate they are) and engineering applications (no matter how powerful they are) is not enough for the successful design and modification of modern technical systems. To create competitive samples it is required to integrate either mathematical models or actual prototypes or engineering applications with the engineering exploration methods inside the unified “optimization environment”. We call this environment “optimization technology”.

Today we can say that we have developed the unique technology of nonlinear multidimensional optimization. This technology is known as IOSO technology (Indirect Optimization on the basis of Self-Organization).

We have great practical experience improving complex real life technical systems in various scientific and technical fields. Our experience allows us to solve the broad number of complex practical tasks ensuring minimal time consumption and the reduction of the research cost. The application of IOSO Optimization technology provides maximum efficiency for the real life technical objects.

We are ready to demonstrate in practice that our new generation strategy and technology of multidimensional optimization can significantly expand the range of successfully solved practical optimization tasks.
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Do you want to improve your system right now?
The experience of our customers shows that it is possible even if you
consider you system to be perfect and flawless!

The increase in the efficiency
of technical systems based on the results of solving more than 200 practical tasks in aerospace


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