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IOSO Technology

Optimization for beginners (5 Myths and questions, PDF)

IOSO is a new generation multidimensional nonlinear optimization technology. It is a powerful instrument for finding new technical solutions that provide maximum possible efficiency for complex systems.

Our Software was designed for finding the breakthrough approach solving "heavy tasks" of optimization in different branches of human being. There is no analogous software handling tasks of 100 variables and 20 criteria (goals) order of dimension.

IOSO Technology:

  • Provides significant reduction of time and cost for solving complex practical tasks
  • Allows finding the most efficient technical solutions according to several goals or criteria (multiobjective formulation)
  • Provides minimization of the number of necessary engineering calculations or the amount of experimental work while searching for optimal parameters of the real-life systems
  • Allows determining the maximum possible efficiency of a system;
  • Allows finding an optimal technical solution while there are different manufacturing precisions of separate elements to be created. This solution is able to be practically realized for the technical system with high probability (robust optimization);
  • Provide optimal correlation of the large number (hundreds) of design parameters.

IOSO Technology algorithms: 


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