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Multiparameters Approximation Software


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  Multi-parameters IOSO Approximation Software


IOSO Approximation Software. User Guide.


  • The free commercial license until Dec. 31 2022.

 Main features of IOSO Approximation Software

  • The “IOSO approximation” software allows you to interpolate data and create an approximation model as an executable file (* .exe). Interpolation is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points in the mathematical field of numerical analysis.

The “IOSO Approximation” software allows the user to create fit functions using powerful univariate and multivariate fitting methods.

One-dimensional approximation methods:

- Polynomial Interpolation (PI)
- Polynomial Fitting (PF)
- Rational Interpolation (RI)
- Rational Fitting (RF)
- Linear Spline (SLI)
- Cubic Spline (SCI)
- Catmull-Rom Spline (SCRI)
- Akima Spline (SAI)
- Cubic Spline Fitting (SCF)
- Hermite Spline Fitting (SHF)
- Penalized Spline Fitting (SPF)

Multi-dimensional approximation methods:

- RBF - Radial basis function interpolation;
- IDW Inverse distance weighting interpolation.


The initial Data for the construction of the approximation function can be:

- protocols of projects of the IOSO optimization software;
- arrays of data in text format files, including CSV files;
- data entered into the IOSO Approximation table.

The constructed approximation function can be saved as an executable model (exe file) and used later as surrogate models in problems of modeling systems or objects. These models can be used in the IOSO optimization software to replace complex resource-intensive computational models when solving optimization problems with multidisciplinary projects and the possibility of automated creation, connection and training of approximation models on new data is implemented.

System requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10. Microsoft Framework version 4.0 or higher (the installer has a download link)


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