Multicriteria optimizationMulticriteria optimization
Multicriteria optimization
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Multicriteria optimization

IOSO NM- Universal software for real-life multicriteria optimization problems.
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Could one handle 10 or 20 criteria task? The answer is "yes" - using IOSO NM Software!

Most of the real-life engineering optimization problems require simultaneous optimization of more than one objective function. In these cases, it is often impossible that the same values of design parameters will lead to the optimal values for all goals. Hence, to ensure a satisfactory design some trade-off between the objectives is necessary.

For this purpose we use the multiobjective (multigoal) approach to optimize the overall efficiency.
The method testing

Unfortunately, currently there are no common tests for multiobjective optimization methods. To estimate the efficiency of our method we solved many optimization problems where we used well-known optimization test functions as individual objectives in the Multiobjective formulation. We made sure that the extremums of the single objectives did not coincide with each other. The following parameters were used as a measure of efficiency of our method:

  • Precision of finding the extremes of the individual objectives;
  • Average precision according to Pareto set;
  • How uniform the solutions were distributed in the space of objectives.

The results obtained showed the high efficiency of our method for solving various types of problems.

Multiobjective method testing results
Multicriteria testing results  Multicriteria testing results  Multicriteria testing results  Multicriteria testing results  Multicriteria testing results

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