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Main features of IOSO technology

IOSO Technology is based on the response surface technology. That is why our strategy differs significantly from the well-known approaches to optimization. Our strategy has higher efficiency and provides wider range of capabilities than standard algorithms.  The main advantage one can get from using the IOSO Technology is ability to solve very complex optimization tasks.

IOSO Technology algorithms:
  •  Are independent of the optimization task types

  • Have good global properties and in the majority of the cases are able to find the global optimum

  • Have high convergence rate and allow to quickly and efficiently find the region where optimum is located

  • Are highly robust with the respect to the computational process

  • Allow for robust solving of stochastic optimization tasks, even if such problems have high level of noise

  • Provide the capabilities to solve real-life optimization tasks that involve complex modern high fidelity mathematical models or engineering applications (for example, 3D CAD, CFD or FEA software).

  • Allow for solving robust design optimization tasks, including multidimensional single and multiobjective optimization tasks.

  • Are very simple to use even for solving complex practical tasks of nonlinear optimization.

  • Have full-automatic optimization algorithms which do not need to be tuned up by a user.



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