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We developed the following family
of IOSO Technology algorithms:

Single criterion nonlinear optimization
IOSO NS software
  • It is possible to significantly (5-7 times) improve the efficiency of the technical system compared to results achieved by using traditional optimization methods
Multicriteria nonlinear optimization
IOSO NM software (dozens of objectives)
  • It is possible to find the required number of optimal solutions
  • It is possible to solve difficult optimization tasks            (non-convex, non-differentiable, multiextremum)
Parallel multicriteria optimization
IOSO PM software
  • The speedup of the solution process can be equal the number of available CPUs
Multilevel nonlinear optimization
  • It is possible to significantly reduce the time required for optimization process (by more than two orders of magnitude)
Robust design optimization
  • Finding optimal technical solution accounting for actual technology level in manufacturing
  • Considerably (several times) reduction in cost of development real life systems
  • Considerable reduction in risk level in implementing the new technical solutions



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